Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mara and I hav arrived back in Buenos Aires safe and sound, altough it took a bit longer than expected. We finished our time in Montevideo as expected and headed to the bus terminal to bok a ferry ride across the river to Buenos Aires. We did not expect nor anticipate literally every company being booked out because it was sunday and everyone heads back from their weekends at the beach via the ferries. We were completely bummed, we had so much been looking forward to getting back to Buenos Aires and catching up with Florencia but it was not meant to be. There was a silver lining to our cloud however, we ran into two people randomly from our hostel in Punto del Diablo. We decided to head to Colonia de Sacramento (where the ferries leave from) and spend the night there. We were all ready to get out of Montevideo and going to Colonia was on our way anyways. We had a great time and barely remembered the inconvenience that had caused us to be together.

We arrived in Buenos Aires on Monday morning very close to the bus terminal so Mara and I booked our 19 hour (that is right......19 hour) bus ride to Igazu Falls. Then Mara, Fran (one of the guys from our hostel that we ran into, who also coincidentally is from PA) and I headed to Palermo to our hostel. We spent the afternoon walking the streets and checking out the great shops and architecture of Palermo. It seems to me the more time I spend here, the more I like it, I mean really like it (Sorry mom, looks like I will not be returning anytime soon...just kidding!).

As soon as we got back to our room to siesta we met the other girls in our dorm and they told us about an Argetine drum show that was on, we said why not! I am so glad we went, it was so great. It was literally in a parking lot with a stage esq/set of stairs where the performers sat. There were probably ten guys in the band and it was all controlled by the conductor. They had some had signals that indicated what the musicians would do. It was not like concert band at Sanford with Ms. Nowicki I can tell you that much. It was great especially since we had not experienced any Argentinian music yet.

Talk to you in a few days!

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