Saturday, March 1, 2008


See-Saw when was the last time you plaed on one?
The area where we saw the Argetine drumming band. They were great! Here is a link to their website, about halfway down there is a youtube video of them We made friends
A catholic church in Buenos Aires.
Iguazu Falls!!!!!!!!
The land on the left is San Miguel Island, you can stand on the outermost point of the island and be sprayed by the massive waterfall near the island.
There were rainbows everywhere, it was was like out of a storybook.
View from the upper ring, there is another level of falls that I could not get in the shot.
This is the Garganta del Diablo or the devils throat.
Story I found online about the falls- The Guarani legend of the waterfalls tells the story of an angry god who in some stories takes the shape of a snake. The local people had to sacrifice a virgin each year to please the god so that the river would continue to flow. In other versions this specific virgin was set aside to become the wife of the god. She already had a mortal lover and the young warrior decided he would not give his love away to the vengeful god. The two mortals fled. The god displeased with her escape in a canoe split the river so that the couple would fall to their deaths. She was turned into a rock from the fall and he became an overhanging tree, separated but within sight of his lover. The name of the waterfalls means "great water" in the Guarani language. The Spanish explorers renamed it the Santa Maria cascades in the 16th century, but they couldn't get the name to stick.

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