Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Early days in Uruguay

I have tried several times unsuccessfully to post some pictures from the last few days, I think the fact that I am in the middle of nowhere may contribute a bit. So I am going to post without pictures just stories. Pictures will follow.

Mara and I took a ferry across the river (Rio de la Plata) to Uruguay arriving in Colonia de Sacramento. We immediately hopped on a bus to Montevideo (the capital city) where we caught another bus to Punta del Este. We were hopping to be able to relax for a few days in one spot and hopefully by a quiet beach. Unfortunately Punta del Este was not for us, it seemed more like Miami and less like a quiet beach on the Sunshine Coast in Australia that we had been looking for. We stayed one night at our hostel in Punta del Este walking around the area and checking out the beach a bit.

On Sunday we woke up and headed down to the beach for a bit before we moved on to another town further north Punto del Diablo. After a bit of trouble with transportation we arrived and were immediately in love. The town is spread out on a hill overlooking three beaches. The streets are only dirt, no traffic lights, no atms and it was exactly what we were looking for. We are staying in a hostel started by a 25 year old American from Wisconsin and it is great. On our second day a friend of mine had heard that you could pick your own mussels one beach down, so we headed down there to pick our own. An experience I have never had before for sure!

We have spent our days hanging out on the beach, wandering through the town, trying a few restaurants. Yesterday we walked north of the town to a beach with less than twenty people total, it was great. Heading back to the hostel, I was able to snag one of the hammocks out front and read my book as well as chat with a few others.

Last night Mara and I along with a few others walked up the hill behind town exploring new parts, we saw donkey carts and horses literally grazing wherever it pleased them. The sun was beginning t o set and the lighting was gorgeous, it was one of those moments that make travel worthwhile no matter how aggravation it took to get to that exact moment.

We splurged and went out to dinner at a restaurant in town with a few others from the hostel. One of my favorite things about travel is the people you meet. Last night at dinner I sat between a German psychiatrist and a Canadian boat Captain. Great conversations and awesome food, was a great way to end a beautiful day on a deserted beach.

We are staying here for another night and then off to Montevideo I think for a few days tomorrow.


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Regina J Rahill said...

German psychiatrist and a Canadian boat Captain ...?!?! ... Pia, sounds like you're talking about a Wes Anderson film. I want in.