Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Bariloche

I have just completed week two of spanish classes down here in Bariloche. I have decided to stay on another week in hopes of improving my spanish losing my american accent! This past week and next week I am staying with an Argentine host family. It has been great to get to know them and practice spanish even more...mas mas mas!!!
Here is more information on Bariloche via my friend wikipediä:
This is the apartment building I have been staying in with my host family. My bedroom is the window to the mnost left on the top floor. The views are spectatular, straight onto the lake.

Above is evidence that I truly am studying down here. Note the pencil as well as notebook and dictionary. The silver cup with the straw-esq type thing is Mate. It is quit similar to tea or coffee but with a much stronger social connection. It tastes good and is always had with great company, I love it! (a wikipedia link to explain Mate: A friend of mine eloquently said ¨life without mate, is not life¨. As you can see it´s a pretty serious game down here with mate, there are very strict rules. A mistake can cause sayings such as ït´s not a microphone you know¨.

Lat weekend we decided to rent bikes and ride a 25 klilometer loop that is supposed to have great views. About 5 kilometers in the rain started falling and literally did not stop the rest of the time. I was in an especially smart mood, I wore shorts and a sweatshirt (it was 50 degrees and rainy you do the math). Below is a statue that we saw along the way. My bottom midway through the ride during a mate break. Thank you mate!!!!! Notice the red tint my legs have taken on due to cold and stupidity.
Even though it was completely rainy, the views were still great.
On a walk during a clear day, Bariloche is absolutely stunning.
Myself, Anna and Will during our walk.

A view onto the lake during sunset.
Walking back from the bus station, I could not believe the shapes of the peaks. It seemed straight off of a post card.
Argentine flag on a sunny day.
We went bowling last week, it was great! The highest score in my lane was an impressive 95. The shoes were cool and the alley played some great ABBA.
Today is the 12th of April and believe it or not I have been gone now for 2 months. I have slept in over 25 different hostels and spent almost 100 hours on buses. Traveled to three new countries and countless cities and towns. I have learned sayings such as ¨crash the five¨ and ¨it´s worth the pain¨ en español , eaten more empanadas and medialunas than I would ever want to admit to everyone. I could totally go for a Wawa hoagie, pack of Herr´s chips and an Arizona Green tea but for now I will eat another medialuna and drink my cafe con leche!

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