Monday, April 14, 2008

Mas, mas, mas Bariloche

Yesterday some friends and I rented a car. Bariloche is the captial of the Lakes Region in Patagonia and we drove around to explore a bit.

We stopped here for lunch, sure beats the office hey??

Post lunch mate that we have all become fond of. Will and Chris seem to be our resident experts, although I was taught the techniques by a couch sufer last night! You all be ready to drink some mate when I get home!

Random stop along the way, beauty and more beauty!

The Bariloche adventurers- Will, Anna, Chris, Tin and Myself. As you can see both by the snow on the mountains and our clothes, winter has definitly hit Bariloche. Send warm thoughts and clothes!
Another random stop, it is so beautiful here.

As the sun was begining to set on our way home, notice the moon just begining to show it´s face.

The road back into Bariloche.