Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jungle Tours, Scrabble and Machu Picchu

Mom and Allie came down to visit with me in Bolivia. We headed up to Lake Titicaca for the first few days. Then we headed into the jungle for 4 days. The pictures are lacking on my end because Allie and Mom took most of them.
Boat riding down the Beni River on the way to the lodge. We stayed at the Chalalan Lodge which is a community run and owned lodge it was great! Here is the link....
We were able to see loads of wildlife; birds, monkeys, snakes, HUGE ants, etc.
After Mom left, Allie and I headed up to Peru. First stop Machu Picchu/Cusco. Here is the infamous Banoffee Pie with of course a scrabble game. Who travels without scrabble?

Sun rise at Machu Picchu, absolutely stunning.
Pre-sunrise Machu Picchu shot.

After Machu Picchu we took an overnight bus to see the Nasca Lines and then headed up the coast to Ica/Huacachina. We spent three days poolside reading in the middle of a desert. Greatly needed warmth and sun.

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Regina J Rahill said...

Beautiful portrait of Allie!